Stormwater Features

Which Stormwater Feature is Right for You?

Determining which stormwater feature is right for you depends on a number of factors, including how much you want to spend and how much outdoor space you have. After you have attended a workshop if you are still unsure, the Ambler EAC will provide an assessment of your site. 

Rain Barrels

A rain barrel is a storage container connected to a downspout that captures stormwater runoff from the roof.

Wooden Downspout Planters

Downspout planters are decorative landscaped planters specially designed to absorb and filter stormwater before it enters the sewer system.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are shallow, planted depressions that absorb water from your roof, allowing it to drain directly into the soil.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are specially designed pavers, stones or bricks that allow water to soak into the ground below.

Cost of Clean Streams, Clean Water Stormwater Features

The cost of these features is provided through a generous Growing Greener Grant initiated by the Ambler Environmental Advisory Council, and supported by Ambler Borough and volunteers like yourself. 

Our goal is to keep as much stormwater as possible out of the storm drains and allow it to infiltrate where it falls. Rain Barrels require a $25 deposit and are available to any Ambler Borough resident or business. The costs associated with other features are estimates based on the amount of water managed by these features. The chart below provides averages you can expect from a contractor for each feature. A fixed amount is paid by the Growing Ambler Greener grant. The resident or business pays the balance of the cost.

Note: These prices are current as 04/01/2019.

Stormwater Feature Approximate Total Cost Grant Pays Cost to Participant
Rain Barrel About $150 $100 $25
Downspout Planters About $1000 $470.40 $100
Rain Gardens About $17-25/sq. ft.(standard rain garden) $16/sq.ft. or up to a maximum of $1300 Participant pays the remainder
Permeable Patio About $30-$50/sq. ft.
(Depending on site conditions, depaving could add additional costs)
$15/sq. ft. or up to a maximum of $2,000 Participant pays the remainder